Building a table

2009 Michael Knudsen.
$Date: 2009/05/10 08:23:24 $

When we moved into our new house, there was a small shed out next to the carport. It was just an empty room which meant we could only store stuff by putting it on the floor. The other day I finally decided to do something about it, so I decided to build a table. Pictures follow.

First of all, the table is held up by three blocks of wood attached to the wall. If you're wondering about how many screws I used to fix it to the wall: I didn't build the shed, so I don't know how solid the walls are.

The desk plate is made of sticks of beech wood glued together and cut 26mm thick. I put a ca. 3mm 90° moulding at the top front edge of the desk to prevent splinters etc.

Here you can see the side and front edge moulding. The side moulding is attached using 35mm fastener pins, and I wanted to use those for the front edge as well but they were too long so I had to resort to screws. Short story about the fastener pins: I wanted 30mm pins. At the store they had 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 35mm, 40mm, and 45mm. Typical.

The left side moulding join. Pretty close to 45°. Didn't have an angle saw so not too bad.

The right side moulding join did not turn out as well, alas. Fortunately, though, the solution was simple.

Fixed. (:

Cleaned up some other stuff and now it's pretty decent. I now have a place where I can fix my helicopters and do other stuff without worrying about making a mess.